Information silos are the death of innovation and personal growth, yet they seem to be an almost inevitable consequence of organizational growth. Not anymore. Revere’s user-friendly platform enables members of professional associations, grantmakers, grantees, employees, students and alumni to explore opportunities, test ideas and uncover resources beyond their immediate network, but still be within the safe space of their organization.



Professional relationships are the foundation of every organization’s success, and those relationships begin by engaging people. Revere’s online platform facilitates the process of making high-value, trusted connections between people in your organization. People who should know each other, but probably don’t. People you want to engage, but probably won’t without a friendly assist via your own private-labeled community on the Revere platform.



Knowledge. Expertise. Wisdom. Call it what you want. The compounding effect of exchanging ideas and information fuels individual growth and organizational success. Revere’s feature-rich platform will help you harness the power of these exchanges to meet your organization’s goals for employee or member retention and professional development.


You have the people.
We have the platform.®


As problems go, you have a good one. You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise right under your nose. Your organization has hundreds, if not thousands, of subject-matter experts. The problem is that you cannot easily engage and connect your experts with others in your organization who need and want to share in that expertise. Revere is the solution.