As problems go, you have a good one. You have a wealth of knowledge and expertise right under your nose. The problem is you cannot easily engage and connect your experts with others in your organization who need and want to share in that expertise.

Revere is the solution. Professional and trade associations retain members. Foundations support grantees. Nonprofits and corporations retain valuable employees. Educational institutions increase graduation-to-hiring rates and grow valuable alumni membership.


Revere connects knowledge seekers within your organization with internal subject-matter experts—all on a private-labeled, online platform customized with your organization in mind.

Revere’s feature-rich platform is easily scaled to match the size and needs of large and medium-sized organizations. Standard features include requesting, scheduling, advisor reviews and ratings, usage metrics and API capabilities. Searches on Revere are intentionally limited to a micro-network of prequalified subject-matter experts within your organization or, in some cases, individuals you select from outside your organization. 


Revere will help you...

Break down information silos

Onboard and assimilate new members, grantees, students or employees

Retain and develop your members, grantees, students or employees

Build a highly engaged and connected community


Sometimes it is all about you.

Your People

Who better than your members, students or employees to help you achieve your mission? Build affinity, add value and develop and retain talent with a micro-network of trusted experts from within your community. 


You know the value of your brand, and so do your members, students, and employees. Put your greatest assets to work for you on an exclusive, private-labeled site that will build even more brand loyalty for your organization.


Revere is the only platform of its kind that lets clients determine their program’s level of privacy. With the flip of a switch, choose between fully public, fully private or semi-private.


Getting Started

Revere is easy to use and easy to manage. We’ll work together to build-out and launch your site, and then we’ll turn the keys over to you. After that, we’re just a phone call or email away. 


Extra Help

Like anything worth doing, launching and sustaining your Revere site will take some time and effort. Not a lot, but some.

Managing a Revere site is like flying a plane. It requires your attention to get off the ground, but once you reach cruising altitude, auto-pilot is an option. And if you want passengers on your plane, you’ll need to fill the seats. 

For an additional fee, Revere’s account managers and content developers will help you recruit and onboard your advisors and build interest and engagement within your organization.


If organizational bandwidth is an issue, ask about our options for short-term or ongoing support. 


Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

We get it. Let’s schedule a demo. Tell us a little about your situation, and we’ll contact you within 24 business hours.