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Going Beyond Your Association’s Annual Conference

Regardless of your career, there’s likely a professional association that can bring you together with your colleagues. While everyone loves an annual conference, professional associations need to connect their members to one another with greater ease and greater frequency than traditional methods, creating benefits for both the members and the associations themselves.

For many professional organizations and their members, the annual conference provides invaluable opportunities for sharing best practices, making new connections within the field, and reestablishing relationships with colleagues from afar. But there are limitations to the annual conference model.

Conferences with tens of thousands of attendees can make it hard for a member to target and find the colleagues that will best serve his or her needs. Without substantial research and planning ahead of time, connecting with the colleague who has the answers for your particular career or industry quandary can be nearly impossible. Revere can solve this problem. By creating a private-labeled networking and knowledge-sharing platform for an association, Revere helps members find and communicate with other members who have just the experience, best practices and information they need.

Furthermore, annual conferences are just that – annual.

Are you new to the field looking to meet a mentor? Or maybe you’re mid-career and looking for new opportunities in a new area. Even upper-level executives sometimes want to connect with other executives to discuss industry-specific challenges and solutions. Who wants to wait until the next conference rolls around to make important connections within their industry? Revere’s platform, accessible only by the association’s members, makes networking and connecting with colleagues a reality at any time of the year.

While nothing can replace the annual association meeting, Revere offers tools to improve upon the connections made and the information shared at conferences. Revere creates an online member-to-member exchange that is easy for members to use and easy for the association to manage.

Revere benefits more than just the association’s members. Since Revere creates a private-labeled platform, associations themselves benefit as well. As their members develop closer ties and stronger networks, they are more likely to remain members of the association. Revere allows the association to offer a stronger value proposition to current and prospective members, and that increases membership over time. One professional association using Revere expects a 15% uptick in membership year over year.

In short...

Professional associations can use Revere to build value in their membership programs by fostering more frequent and vibrant member-to-member networking, knowledge sharing and more robust career development opportunities. While nothing can replace the face-to-face interactions of an annual conference, Revere can provide intra-industry connection to association members 365 days a year, building a healthier association and a healthier industry.