Build a stronger, more engaged community.

Want to enable sharing of best-practices among association members or match seasoned alumni with students and recent graduates who want career guidance? Revere’s easy-to-use platform will transform your experts into a volunteer corps.

·     Promote career and leadership development.

·     Provide members with a way to give back.

·     Grow your membership.

·     Increase alumni giving.


Deliver the mentoring, advice, and opportunities your people need

Amazing things happen when you connect people. Questions get answered. Problems are solved. Relationships are formed.

If you’re a membership organization, Revere’s data dashboard allows you to track, measure, and monitor member engagement and link that information to member retention and other metrics. 

If you’re a higher education institution, Revere’s data dashboard allows you to measure and monitor student and alumni engagement and link that information to graduation-to-hire rates and other measures of success. 

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Success Story

Loyola University Chicago 

“Our goal is to help our students land their first jobs after earning degrees from Loyola University Chicago. Our program hosted on Revere, LUConnect, empowers our students to directly connect with our vetted alumni for invaluable, firsthand career and higher-education advice, while enabling us to track their engagement and retrieve data we otherwise would never have.” 

Jamie Simkins, Assistant Director, Employer Relations and Recruiting, Loyola University (Chicago, IL)