Connect your skilled workforce with your grantees.

Revere links volunteers with nonprofit organizations to provide skills and consultation on a pro-bono basis. When done right, everyone wins with corporate-sponsored, skills-based volunteering. Employers attract and retain top talent, employees are personally and professionally enriched by working with mission-driven organizations, and grantees increase their social impact by optimizing use of licensed software and other product donations. 

  • Create personally and professionally enriching experiences for employees.

  • Enable partner organizations to increase their social impact. 

  • Ensure a positive return on your social-impact investment.


Put purpose into action

The ripple effect of exchanging ideas and information fuels individual growth and organizational success.  

Revere’s feature-rich and personalized platform makes it easy to track progress and quantify real-world impact using the data captured in each interaction. With little effort, you can track and report employee engagement with grantees.


Success Story

Tableau Foundation

“We launched our skills-based volunteering program, Tableau Service Corps, shortly after the launch of the Tableau Foundation. In partnership with Revere Software, Service Corps has continued to grow in size and scope, with over 400 completed projects to date. Revere enables us to track the types of expertise and skills our employees are providing to nonprofits across the world. Having Service Corps’ personalized, branded skills-based volunteering program hosted on the Revere platform has been integral to its success.”

Neal Myrick, Global Head, Tableau Foundation (Seattle, WA)